Feeling lost in the back alleys of search results? Struggling to drive organic traffic to your fashion or lifestyle store? It's time to strut your stuff on the first page with a seamless webshop SEO migration.

This isn't your average migration. We have a long history helping fashion and lifestyle brands, getting succesful migrated to any webshop platform, and we understand the unique needs of fashion and lifestyle brands, when building an competitive information architecture for and at scale. 

Technical SEO Audit: We'll crawl your existing store, identify SEO roadblocks, and craft a strategic migration plan. Think of it as a runway inspection – ensuring everything is smooth sailing for search engines. Information Architecture: We create a collection structure that supports your business, while focusing on what your customers are searching for online. Content Optimization: From product descriptions to blog posts, we'll optimize your content with targeted keywords and captivating language that compels shoppers to hit "add to cart." Structured Data Implementation: We'll speak search engine's language with structured data markup, ensuring your products appear rich and enticing in search results – think sparkling imagery and clear descriptions that make your products leap off the screen. 301 Redirects: No SEO migration is complete without proper redirects. We'll ensure your customers (and search engines) land on the right page, every time. Mobile-First Focus: Today's customers shop on the go. We'll optimize your store for mobile devices, making sure your site looks flawless on any screen. Performance Monitoring: We don't just migrate, we cultivate success. We'll closely monitor your store's performance after migration, making adjustments to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

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