Product description

May 4, 2024
  • The product description is easy to read (font size, contrast, single column, 75 characters per line, line-height 1.5, max. 4 lines long)
  • Product information structure is easy to scan (grouped information, bullet points, important benefits highlighted)
  • The sections of the page ("General", "Technical info") are grouped together in accordion (if they are longer) and scannable on mobile
  • Section titles explain benefits (and not features) of the product
  • Customers are shown all the things that are included in the product (ideally with an included photo)
  • Product page contains customer FAQs (for each specific product as well as store-wide questions)
  • The table of technical specifications is readable (different colors of lines, hover state of the line, not too far apart)
  • Product description explains how to use the product in 3 easy steps
  • Product page offers product comparisons
  • Product page contains embedded reviews (if product doesn't go out of season)


Skills Requered: Frontend development, Text / Copy, and SEO specialist
Touchpoint: Consideration
Cost: 1
Impact: 2
Touchpoint: E-commerce
Type of page: Productpage / PDP